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Born in Merseyside, Richard won Best Feature Film at the Latina Film Commission for his debut film The Young (2011), in which he starred and directed at the age of 19.


He went on to train at East 15 Acting School, being nominated for the BBC Carleton Hobbs Award and studying with the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Richard went on to pen and direct two more films, Precipice Hours (2013) and Saddenly Now (2016) before embarking on the Wilfred Owen biopic The Burying Party (2018).  It would make its world premiere at the New Renaissance Film Festival, winning the award for Best Feature Film and many more during its showing on the circuit.


As part of the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen's passing, the film showed in select cinemas across the UK and is now available on Amazon Prime.

In Nocturne (2020), Richard returned to the other side of the camera to critical acclaim, including a glittering review by Film Threat, which saw the film nominated at their AwardThis! ceremony. It went on to win Best Actor and Best British Short Film at the London Independent Film Awards and was distributed internationally by Shorts TV.

Richard was chosen for La Guarimba's residency in Amantea and completed Thunder, Perfect Mind (2022), an experimental short meditating on the Gnostic text. He went on to direct his first western The Song of the Shrike, which is set to premiere on the festival circuit next year. 

With credits as director, producer, actor, editor and DOP, Richard is also a visiting lecturer and guest director at drama schools and universities alike, including the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, IDSA, University of Northampton and East 15 Acting School.

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